Shaving With Confidence


Some men like shaved women, and then you get men who like women with lots of hair. It is hard to know which way to go. Many charlotte escorts do choose to shave, and you have London escorts who seem to specialise in dating men who have a passion for body hair. It is not easy. Most women do shave or wax, but there are some women who are not into shaving or waxing.

Waxing VS Shaving

Should you shave or wax? Since I have been with London escorts, I have always shaved my legs and other bits. I used wax and go to a professional salon. However, since I have been working for London escorts, I find I shower more. That means I am more susceptible to dry skin. Women who wax often suffer from dry skin and that is the reason I gave up on waxing. Shaving using the right kind of razor and shaving gel, is much better when you also shower a lot and use shower gels. Unfortunately, women’s razors are not cheap.

Venus Razors VS Men’s Razors

Are there ways you can save money when you shave a lot? Yes, there are many clever ways in which you can save money. For instance, I have never recommended any women’s razors to my London escorts friends. Instead of buying expensive razors, I always recommend men’s razors to the girls at our London escorts. There are many advantages, but the top two are price and a better shave. Instead of dashing down to Boots to buy your next Venus shaving kit, why don’t you buy Wilkinson swords razors instead? They are better than Venus razors. On top of that, they also follow the skin better. You are less likely to cut yourself when you use men’s razors.

Shaving Gel VS Shaving Foam

Once again, there are huge price differences between men’s shaving gel and ladies shaving gel. I found that I was spending a small fortune on ladies shaving gel when I decided that I would try something different. On my day off from London escorts, I popped into my local branch of Boots, and found that they were out of ladies shaving gel. But, luckily for me, I found that I could get double points on men’s shaving gel. I bought a bottle and that was me converted. Men’s shaving gel is certainly a lot better than ladies shaving gel.

Body Lotion Vs Men’s Skincare Cream

I am not sure what is going on here, but this is another top tip for girls who work for London escorts agencies. Hazarding a guess, I would say most London escorts use some sort of specialised body lotion after shaving their legs. That used to be me. I used to spend a small fortune on specialist body lotion. Now I use a men’s skincare lotion after having shaved my legs. It is much richer and seems to penetrate the skin better. Not only that, it saves me money as well. Just call into your local branch of Boots and you will soon find many ways to save money.

Swapping ladies’ skincare products for men’s skincare products, can save you a small fortune. Sure, you may end up with a lot of offers for men stuff when you next use your Boots cards, but I can’t see the problem. The truth is that many skincare products developed for men work as well for women. Read the ingredients on the product label and you will find that they are more or less the same. As a matter of fact, I know that I am not the only girl at London escorts who have started to use men’s after shave instead of perfume.

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