Do I need a license to be an escort in London?

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In some countries in Europe, you now need to have a license to work for an escort service. So far, you are not required to have license when you work for a London escorts agency. Most charlotte London escorts would probably not want a license, but I think that it is a good idea. It would give us charlotte London escorts some sort of recognition for what we do and make life easier for us to live our lives. When I took out my mortgage, I had to tell a minor porky on the application form, and I was not proud of myself.

I am not the only girl who works for a London escorts agency who have found myself in that kind of situation. It is actually very hard for London escorts to obtain finance for things like property purchases and car finance. Having some sort of proof that you work for a London escorts would really help. What do London escorts do now? Most escorts in London that I know, currently say to someone that she works as a model. The escort agencies we work for are often registered as modeling agencies, and that allows us to apply for finance. However, I don’t think that it should have to be this way.

Some girls are ashamed to work for London escorts, but I am not one of them. Before I joined London escorts, I used to work as a stripper and I can’t say that anybody was bothered about them. Certainly men were not bothered by it, but I think that a lot of women were bothered by. The same thing happens today. When I tell women that I work for a London escorts agency, they almost fain but men just giggle. I know that it is not easy to tell someone that you work for a London escorts agency, and that is why I think that having some sort of official recognition would help in the long run.

Do you pay tax? I have lost count of how many men and women do not think that London escorts pay tax. But, the truth is that we certainly do. I am sure that most people consider working for London escorts as some sort of joke, It is not. I take my job with London escorts really seriously and I love it. It can actually be rather hurtful to be considered as being some sort of tart or something like that, and it does annoy me. Will things change? I am not sure that it will ever change in this country.

What do I like about working for London escorts? It is not the perfect lifestyle as you work on late into the night. But, in general, I do think that working for an escort agency can be a good job. It is tough to find a job in London that pays well, but you can do well when you work for a London escorts agency. All that we need now is a little bit of official recognition just like our counterparts in Amsterdam. Is that ever going to happen? I am not sure that it will, but I do hope so.

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