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You would have thought that it would have started this summer, but for some reason it did not happen. The latest trend out there is toe nail art, and when I was at the manicurist at the weekend, I was asked if I wanted to try some toe nail art. Most of the time we keep our toes hidden, but I think that it would be ideal for a lot of girls at Hungerford escorts from


Is toe art cheap? Toe nail art is not cheap at all. Just like having your hands done, it can cost you a lot of money to have your toe nails done. Unless you spend a lot of time in open toe sandals or barefoot, it may not pay off. To get started, you can do just like you do with nail art. You can in fact have just one toe done, and see what it looks like. That is what I did and I showed it to one of the girls at Hungerford escorts.


Can you add nail jewelry to your toes? You certainly can, but it is something that I have not tried. I think that I may have done it during the summer, but even so, I am not sure. The thought of having that piece of jewelry catch on a shoe or sock fills me with dread. I also think that if you wear a lot of stockings, you would risk laddering them. But, I would not hesitate trying some toe nail jewelry during the summer. I think that would look rather sexy when you are on your holiday, but I am not sure that I would try it for Hungerford escorts.


What toe is the best one to try toe nail art? It can be tough to paint the small toes, so I had my right big to done. It has a glittery rose on it, and I will have to admit that it looks nice. A couple of the gents I date at Hungerford escorts have said that it looks nice. The girl added a lot of glitter to the rose, and I think that it really stands out when I wear my high heeled open toe sandals. Would I let it show at a business date? I think that I would as I don’t think it looks cheap.


Do I think this new trend is going to take off? I am not sure that it is going to take off during the autumn and winter, but I do think that it may take off during the spring and summer. Once it has taken off, I think that it will be here to stay, and will become popular with the girls at Hungerford escorts. We seem to love to decorate our bodies these days, so I think that it will fall in line with that trend. Will girls spend money on both hand nail art and toe nail art? I think so. It will be another thing to stretch our budgets, but I do think that women will at the same time, see it as personal treat.

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