Kiss Of Pleasure

I don’t date a lot outside of London escorts as I always seem to be doing the night shift. Mind you, I am not complaining at all. You can do really well on the London escorts night shift. The only problem is that your life your social life suffers a lot, and you can end up totally frustrated when you date. Last time I was dated a guy I met in a club, I found that I was way too excited. Not only that, I was wearing nipple clamps as well. I think nipple clamps can make you look sexy straight away when you take your top off.

Anyway, I was in this club with my colleagues from the most sexy and fantastic escorts website, and we were dancing away, when I spotted this really sexy guy across the floor. The other girls saw him as well, and I think that all of us thought the same thing. I decided to just go for broke, so I made a move on him. As I looked over my shoulder, I noticed my London escorts looking my way and cheering me. It was great and I just went for it.

This guy seemed a bit surprised. Honestly, I think he was a few years older than me, but at the same time, he was really attractive. He was exactly the kind of guy I enjoyed dating at London escorts, and I could not really believe my luck. By the looks of it, he seemed to be having a hard time believing his luck as well, and a couple of moments later, we were dancing slowly on the edge of the dance floor. I loved his touch. He had one of those touches that made you feel small sparks of electricity was going of in your body.

My new love interest turned out to not be such a great dancer, but he did have something magic about him. He bought me a drink at the bar, and we sat down for a chat. It is not very easy to chat in any London club, so I asked if he wanted to leave. It was now 2 am, and I knew my friends from London escorts wanted to call it a night. When we are out on one of our London escorts club nights, we always make sure we know what is going on. If one girls want to leave we tell the rest of our friends to make we stay safe.

I went and told the girls I was leaving this guy and they seemed to think he was fine. As I waved good bye to my London escorts colleagues, my new man looked a bit funny when he saw all of my sexy girlfriends, but he seemed to have eyes only for me. We left rather in a hurry, and my man said he would take me for an early breakfast. However, I must admit that I did not really fancy breakfast. All I really fancied was my handsome man, and I was ready to take him home with me. But we were not going to get that far. He turned around and kissed me, and did not stop. I could not believe it, but I felt myself spontaneously cum in his arms…

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