Amazing Tips And Secrets To Having Better Sex

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Are you looking to develop that vroom-vroom voo you have been missing in your sex life? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. When it comes to the secrets to better sex, we have the best tips from the most experienced professionals. These sex secrets will help keep the fire of your sexual attraction burning even several years after lying in the same bed with your partner!

Create Friction

One of the best ways to achieve orgasm during intercourse is to assume a friction position. For example, get on top so that your clitoris is rubbing against the pubic bone of your partner at the tip, or place a pillow below your butt while lying on your back. Using a vibrator can also go a long way towards enhancing your sex experience.

Be Open with Your Partner

Men are always open to directions. Let your partner know when he is on the right path by either moaning or telling him what feels good.

Do Some Practice on Your Own

You need to know what turns you on before you can talk the talk with your partner. Masturbating can help train your body to be orgasmic.

Train your orgasm muscles

If you are a woman, one of the best ways to transform your orgasms into extraordinary ones is incorporating kegel exercises into your schedule. You can locate these muscles by stopping midway while peeing. Once you stop peeing, clench to tone the muscles up. Do Kegel exercises a few times per day, on a daily basis. And remember to breathe while you squeeze.

Become Adventurous

Studies have shown that engaging your partner in thrill-seeking activities (like watching a scary movie or even rock climbing) can activate dopamine in your brain, which will get the juices flowing!

Let the Suspense Build Up

The longer you wait for the arousal to build up, the bigger the blast. Bring yourself close to orgasm, and then reduce the pace. Do this repeatedly before you finally, climax.

Meditate on Your Breathe

You can actually boost your sexual pleasure by focusing on your breathing, which is the central tenet of tantric sex. You can channel your sexual energy through your breath. Breathing in tandem will slow the progression to orgasm and lead to a bigger buildup that can deepen the pleasure.

Don’t Shy Away from Erotica

Porn is more than mere deep throats and big penises. One of the best ways to intensify your arousal is engaging in erotic books and movies, which will ultimately lead to better orgasm.

Consider creative foreplay

If your partner usually warms up faster than you during intercourse, consider sexting or sending sexy emails to each other to create a head start. Keep in mind that email is not exactly private, so avoid going too graphic in your messages.

Evaluate Your Meds

Women tend to be more susceptible to taking antidepressants than men, which can interfere with your sex life. If you think your meds may be hurting your sex drive, it is advisable to consult with your doctor.

Consider Professional Help

If you are not orgasmic, an expert can help diagnose whether you have an underlying medical problem. Two possible obstacles could be low testosterone or nerve damage. Your doctor can analyze relationship factors or conduct a medical evaluation.

Chill Out

Studies have shown that one of the leading causes of decline in sex drive is work stress. You are probably aware that a low libido will reduce your chances of having an orgasm. Try and leave your life stressors at the door every time you reach home to achieve better sex.

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